Poetry collections

  • The Mask of Pity (Christopher Davies, Wales, 1966)
  • The Stones Remember (JM Dent & Sons, London, 1967)
  • Scars (JM Dent & Sons, London 1969)
  • At the Airport (The Sceptre Press (Outposts), Farnham, 1970)
  • The Survivors (JM Dent & Sons London, 1971)
  • Starboard Green (Imble Publications, London, 1972)
  • Beasthoods (The Turret Press, London, 1973)
  • The Dark Convoys (Aquila Press, Solihull, 1974)
  • Love Poems (Artlook Press, Perth, Australia, 1980)
  • Sea Poems (Veritas Press, Perth, Australia, 1988)
  • The Ocean’s Edge (The Dragon Press, Swansea, Wales, 1992)
  • The Landsker (Alun Books, Port Talbot, Wales, 1994)

Poetry in anthologies

  • Anglo-Welsh Verse (The London Welshman (anthology editor), 1964)
  • Commonwealth Poets (Heinemann, London/Cardiff, 1965)
  • Welsh Voices (Dent, London, 1967 (Editor))
  • The Lilting House (Dent/Davies, London&Wales, 1969)
  • Anglo-Welsh Poetry (Transatlantic Review (ed. BS Johnson), London/New York, Spring-Summer issue, 1972)
  • Australian Voices (Penguin Australia, 1975)
  • Blodeugerdd (Harlech Antholgy, Coleg Harlech, 1976)
  • Seven Poets (Artlook/Shell, Perth, Australia, 1977)
  • Ghosts (Thomas Nelson (Australia), 1978)
  • The Moving Skull (Hodder&Stoughton (Australia), Sydney, 1981)
  • Out of This World (Heinemann, London, 1885)
  • Poetry in Motion (Poetry in Motion Books (with Glen Phillips, Shane McCauley and Alan Alexander), Perth, 1986)
  • Axed between the Ears (Heinemann, London, 1987)
  • Margins (Fremantle Press, Fremantle, Australia, 1988)
  • Celebrations (University on Western Australia Press, Perth, 1988)
  • Wordhord (Fremantle Press, Fremantle, 1989)
  • A Swansea Anthology (Seren)
  • 20th Century Anglo-Welsh Poetry (Seren)
  • Poetry 1900-2000 (Library of Wales)


  • The Sailor, a play for radio commissioned by BBC Third Programme in 1965
  • The Undertaker, a play for radio commissioned by BBC (London) in 1967
  • The Dream of Arthur, a play for radio commissioned by BBC Wales in 1970
  • Cambrian Carnival, a series of short plays and sketches written for the Cambrian Theatre Company whilst resident dramatist during 1972.
  • King Arthur’s Egg, a play for children written whilst resident writer/dramatist with the C.A.T.S. association of Western Australia in 1975.

Radio Broadcasts

  • Broadcast readings of poetry on radio for the BBC Third Programme and BBC Wales on numerous occasions during the 1960s, including a reading from first poetry collection, The Mask of Pity, with actors Kenneth Griffith and Norman Wynn reciting selected works and the author providing linking narrative.
  • Three one-hour radio broadcasts of poetry, with additional narration, for the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) from Melbourne in 1968.
  • Radio broadcasts of poetry on ABC Radio from Perth, Western Australia, during the 1970s.

Television broadcasts

  • Elegy for Aberfan, a poem commissioned by TWW and read by the author on TWW and ITN networks on the first anniversary of the Aberfan disaster in October 1967.
  • Elegy for Aberfan, broadcast on national television in Australia by the author during his lecture/recital tour of the country in 1968.
  • Elegy for Aberfan, broadcast by BBCTV Wales in the programme In Memory of Aberfan on the 10th anniversary of the disaster.


  • First recording of The Stones Remember (Argo/Decca PLP 1189) with poet Bryan Walters in 1973.

Journalism for publications and broadcasters

  • The London Welshman
  • The Western Mail
  • Welsh Outlook
  • Wales Tourist Guide
  • London Evening Standard
  • Central Office of Information ( C.O.I. )
  • Transatlantic Review
  • Town Magazine
  • Tribune
  • The Sunday Times (UK)
  • BBC Cymru ( Wales )
  • BBC London
  • Redifusion TV
  • Thames TV
  • ABC ( Australia)
  • WA Education Film Unit
  • Melbourne Herald